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Laboratory Sample Reporting Options

Normal Reporting:
Our regular reporting consists of a letterhead signed copy with an invoice (unless monthly billing is deemed appropriate and agreed upon).  These will be mailed to the location set at the time of presenting the samples to the laboratory.

FAX Reporting:
The transmission of laboratory reports and invoices by Facsimile   Transfer for the Eastern United States $3.00, Western United States $5.00.  Outside the U.S. please call for a quotation.  A series of reports up to 12 pages will be completed with a single charge.

Summary Reporting:
A monthly summary report for all analytical work done for an individual client and/or facility may be requested.  This report may NOT be substituted for Normal Reporting without charge for those complying with State or Federal regulations.  If requested in addition to Normal Reporting, a second report charge of $5.00 will be made.

Pa. DEP Reporting:
Electronic reporting to the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection will be done at NO CHARGE when necessary.  Any copy of these reports on the State's web based system must be requested in advance of reporting.  A copy can be provided for the additional report charge of $5.00.

Additional report copies:
For a period of up to 1 year from the date of reporting, an additional report may be produced and mailed for a charge of  $5.00 per sample or per summary over a specified period up to 30 days.(for a single facility)   Summary reports over longer periods may be requested and will be priced on an individual  basis.

Archived Materials:
Reproductions of invoices and reports for dates over one year in the past will be charged a minimum of $5.00.  Higher charges may result depending on the age of the item in question.

Analytical Result Monitoring and Reporting:
If desired by the client, the results of individual parameters may be monitored by office staff (upon completion of the sample's laboratory analyses).  Should levels stated by the client be exceeded, a telephone call to a specified location will be initiated reporting the item(s) and the current laboratory result(s).  There is a $3.00 charge per sample for this service.  Public water failures will be reported verbally or by electronic means as currently required by law.  There is no charge for this service.

Specialized Reporting Formats
If a specialized format not mentioned above is required for your needs.  Please contact our office to obtain a cost estimate for this service.  Reports are currently standardized to meet State and Federal reporting requirements.